On Demand Medical Testing

What is DAT?
Direct Access Testing (DAT) facilities provide a vehicle of convenience by allowing any individual to request their own lab test without a physician's order. Today's healthcare consumer is better informed and capable of utilizing available medical information to best direct their own healthcare. By eliminating the additional cost of a clinic visit, DAT facilities continue to gain popularity.
What do we do?
On Demand Medical Testing provides individuals and businesses confidential laboratory testing and personal medical information empowering them to play an active role in their health and wellness. This "take charge of your own health" approach assists in the prevention and early detection of disease.
On Demand Medical Testing provides a high quality of service that is convenient, comprehensive and affordable.

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Affordable Lab Testing

On Demand Medical Testing is a direct access testing facility located in Jackson, MS. We offer a wide variety of medical lab tests and screenings directly to individuals or businesses keeping healthcare cost-effective for our customers.

Tele: (601) 206-9326    Fax: (601) 957-7344

Some of the tests that we offer include Drug Testing for both family and employees, Paternity Tests and Genetic Testing, Wellness Lab Screening, Female and Male Test Panels, Chemistry Panels, STD tests,  Cancer Risk Panels, Alcohol Screens, Cardiac Risk Panels, Liver Profiles, Lipid Panels and Cholesterol Levels, Thyroid Panels, Chemistry Panels and Blood Counts (Iron and Folate Levels and Anemia Panels).




You can order your own lab tests:


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On Demand Medical Testing is pleased to offer Metametrix Services in our Jackson, MS office.

Metametrix has over 25 years experience in nutritional and biochemical Testing. 

CLICK HERE to see a list of available tests.


NUTRACEUTICALS NOW AVALABLE--ONLNE & IN OFFICE   :