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A comprehensive drug-free workplace program contributes to a workplace free of the health, safety and productivity hazards caused by employees’ abuse of alcohol or drugs.  By educating employees about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and encouraging individuals with related problems to seek help, employers can protect their businesses from such dangers, retain valuable employees and help play a part in making communities safer and healthier.

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ON DEMAND MEDICAL TESTING offers a complete line of drug testing services. We utilize the Department of Labor Drug-Free Workplace kit whenever possible to design a Company Policy. Generally there is no charge for this service when we contract for implementation of the policy. Each policy is individualized to suite the company needs and to meet any regulatory guidelines that may apply. Some of the services that we can provide along with an estimate of their costs include:

Establishing these procedures requires individual decisions. This represents a summary of some of those and cost estimates;

Selection of Appropriate panels depends on the regulatory agencies involved, i.e. DOT.

All costs include adulteration test, substitution test, GC/MS confirmation and local MRO services. We have certified collection sites available nationwide. All except blood specimens can be collected on-site with reasonable extra charge.

Testing conducted according to SAMHSA’s guidelines checks for five illicit drugs plus, in some cases, alcohol (ethanol, ethyl alcohol, booze).  These five illicit drugs are: 

However, most private employers are not limited in the number of substances they can test for and may include drugs that individuals legitimately and/or therapeutically take based on a physician’s prescription.  Although most private employers can test for any combination of drugs, there are commonly selected “panels.” 

The typical 8-Panel Test includes the above-mentioned substances plus:

The typical 12-Panel Test includes the 8-Panel Test plus:

Testing can also be done for:

Custom Panels can be designed to suite individual needs. We also have a series of panels designed for Healthcare Professionals from basic to comprehensive.

All Urine Drug panels are available in Point of Collections kits that allow screening results to be viewed within 15 minutes of collection. The same adulteration, confirmation, chain-of-custody, and MRO services are available with these kits.

Our Oral Fluid 6-panel drug test is convenient, reliable and portable. Specimen collection can be done almost anywhere and is difficult to adulterate or substitute. It is DOT accepted and includes the SAMHSA Panel plus Methamphetamines. Also includes adulteration testing, GC/MS confirmation and MRO services.                                                                                                     Costs …………$75.00

Hair:  Analysis of hair provides a much longer “testing window,” giving a more complete drug-use history going back as far as 90 days.  Like urine testing, hair testing does not provide evidence of current impairment, but rather only past use of a specific drug.  Hair testing cannot be used to detect for alcohol use.  Hair testing is the least invasive form of drug testing, therefore privacy issues are decreased.  Our Panel includes the SAMHSA-5 along with confirmation and MRO services. Costs…………………$100.00

Alcohol Testing is required under some Regulatory Agencies (DOT, NRC, and NIDA). We provide Q.E.D. ®; a non-invasive, onsite saliva test that provides highly accurate results with quick readouts. It meets federal requirements for alcohol testing and is also approved by the DOT. This can be followed with Breath Alcohol Evidentiary Testing. Costs to be determined (may be lab-based or onsite, during office hours or 24/7)

Our Medical Review Officer services are performed in-house by our Medical Director. He is responsible for supervising and monitoring all collections and verifying all positive samples. He is certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council. He is Board-Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional. He is available for any evaluations and questions concerning your employees possible substance abuse problems.

Our Workplace programs also include specially prepared Wellness Panels that are available to you and your employees at a discounted rate. Our goal is to empower you and your employees to take control of your healthcare.