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Home Drug Screens:

 We offer several inexpensive, professional quality, accurate drug screening kits that are easy to use in the privacy of your own home.  These kits are Elisa screens that are 99.9% accurate but they are not confirmation with the equipment available in the Lab.  They are not used for legal or employment purposes.

 Our hope is that these tests will be a way for parents of teenage children to take control before teen experimentation becomes a lifetime of addiction, a serious accident, drug rehab, jail or death.  Home testing is a very effective means of preventing teen drug use by giving them an “excuse” to say no to their peers.  A negative test can be reassuring and hopefully open a dialog with your teen about drug use.  We encourage a random testing program with an honest explanation to your teen

 If a test is positive, most of the time the teen will come clean and “fess-up”, if not, we encourage you to bring your teen in to our office or another testing site for a confirmation test. Do not panic and punish your teen.  He/she should be evaluated by a substance abuse professional and have random, frequent follow-up testing.

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All of our products are easy to use, accurate, inexpensive, cleared by the FDA.
All tests include complete instructions and provide an immediate result.

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While these screens are trusted by laboratories, physician offices, police departments, probation officers and big business, do not let them replace good parental judgement.
Whenever necessary, results can and should be confirmed.
Any questionable result should be followed up with testing by a certified laboratory.
These tests will pick up many prescription medications.
They do not test for every possible drug of abuse.
A positive test result should be reviewed and confirmed for illegal drug use.
In most cases, the child will "fess up" after a positive home test...
if not, please give them the benefit of the doubt.
Take the urine that you received the positive test on to your doctor or a lab
if your child insists that the test is wrong, or call us for suggestions.


Drug and Alcohol Testing



 Urine Drug Screening

 Urine (POCT) Point of Collection Testing with confirmation and MRO review.

POCT is an onsite, urine-based, multi-drug screening device. Results are available in five minutes and are stable for 60 minutes.  Positive results using these devices need to be confirmed by the lab.

-6 panel multi-drug screen cup

  (Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, PCP, Methamphetamine)

10 panel multi-drug screen cup

(6 panel plus Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Propoxyphene)

12 panel multi-drug screen panel

  (10 panel plus Buprenorphine, Oxycodone)



Lab Based Urine Drug Testing  -Urine is the most common screening method and detects        recent or new drug use, typically in the previous one to three days.  Urine testing is the standard for evidence of “current use”. 

 -DOT 5-50/2000-

SAP 5-50/2000 with Testsure

-SAP 10-50/2000 with Testsure

-SAP 10-50/300 with expanded opiates

-SAP 7-50/2000 with Testsure


Hair Testing – Hair testing is a newer technology experiencing gradual adoption.  Hair testing provides a longer detection window and can show use back as far as 90 days.  Hair testing offers the benefit of observed collection and is not easily adulterated.  Hair testing requires both sophisticated lab analysis and collection.  It cost, on average, twice as much as a urine or oral-fluid test

-5 Panel Hair Test (Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates, PCP, THC-COOH)



Oral fluid drug testing

Drug testing through oral fluid, saliva, is growing in popularity within the workplace. Its popularity increase is largely due to the essential advantages that it has over the standard urine drug test.

Specimen collection of oral fluid using Intercept is simple, non-invasive and can be done anywhere at any time without causing embarrassment for the donor. In addition, the potential for adulteration and/or specimen tampering is minimized considering the collection can be taken from the donor under direct observation.

Drug concentrations of oral fluid can be related to plasma-free drug concentrations and the pharmacological effects of drugs. Therefore, it can provide information as that provided by blood or plasma drug concentration.




Benzoylecgonine (cocaine)


Marijuana Metabolite



 -Blood Alcohol 

  -Alcohol Effects Panel (Blood)  The Alcohol Effects Panel evaluates any long term effects of alcohol on your body. It includes a basic screen of your blood counts, your kidney and liver functions, as well as electrolytes, and bleeding time.

The Prothrombin Time (PT) measures how long it takes blood to clot and the CK test determines any damage to your heart or other muscles. The Amylase and Lipase tests are used to diagnose and monitor pancreatitis.


  -Etg-250 (Urine Alcohol Metabolite)  Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a direct metabolite of ethanol alcohol.  The presence of EtG in the urine can be used to detect recent alcohol consumption, even after the ethanol alcohol is no longer measurable.

Consequently, the presence of EtG in the urine is a definitive indicator that alcohol has been ingested.

Traditional laboratory practices typically measure the amount of alcohol present in the body.  Depending on the amount of alcohol that has been consumed, this method usually reveals alcohol ingestion within the past few hours.

The presence of EtG in the urine, on the other hand, demonstrates that ethanol alcohol was ingested within the past three or four days, or roughly 80 hours after the ethanol alcohol has been metabolized by the body.

As a result, it can be determined that a urine alcohol test employing EtG is a more accurate indicator of the recent consumption of alcohol as opposed to simply measuring for the existence of ethanol alcohol.

 -Breath Alcohol Testing is a good tool for employers and companies to ensure that their workforce is safe and alcohol-free.  This test is required under federal law in certain circumstances.

Oral Alcohol

Q.E.D. Instant Alcohol Saliva Test

You receive an instant alcohol testing solution with Q.E.D. alcohol saliva testing from On Demand Medical Testing that gives you highly accurate and quantitative results in a form that is easy to administer. You can use this test anytime and anywhere for:

The Q.E.D. test is non-invasive and can be administered on site considering it requires no special collection facilities. As a result, it is an ideal testing method for many industries. Quantitative results are easily read on a thermometer-like device and are ready in minutes.

This drug testing method is: