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Nutraceuticals (Nutritional Supplements)

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Nutraceuticals are, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, foodstuffs which provide health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value. These may include fortified foods as well as dietary supplements that can be sold in capsules, tablets or powders. The idea behind the use of nutraceuticals is that certain organic extracts can have positive benefits on both the mind and body

The term "nutraceuticals" is a combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical.  The popularity of nutraceuticals has soared, perhaps due in part to increasing suspicions and concerns about chemically over-processed foods and their impact on society at large. The rapid development of synthetic chemicals for treatment of illnesses and the lack of long-term studies of their effect have led many to investigate alternative treatments, including nutraceuticals.

 The issues that linger on the minds of many who consider using nutraceuticals to combat their illnesses are frequently safety related. The idea of using nature’s best to cure the body’s problems sounds promising. After all, why should one involve synthetic chemicals—ones with long-term effects that are uncertain—in fixing that which is not synthetic? Then again, natural is not synonymous with safe. Plenty of naturally derived items have a negative impact on the mind and body, and experimenting with the unknown, or little-known, can be risky.

Unfortunately, the solution to this issue is not a simple one. Certain nutraceuticals have indeed been tested and deemed appropriate by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in the prevention of select ailments. Others have been tested repeatedly and deemed effective but not, or not yet, officially approved by the FDA. Yet others have received mixed results during testing, and their usage and effects are of a questionable nature.

 Our approach at On Demand Medical Testing has been to offer only those products that meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing and are generally offered only by health care professionals.  We have selected only products that have been proven to be effective or have stood the “test of time” in non-western practices.  We encourage you to complete our patient registration form when placing orders.  Our products are organized by brand and by target symptom or purpose:



Nutritional Management  of STRESS 

Nutritional Strategies for Mood &Cognition

Nutritional Strategies for Detoxification

Nutritional Strategies for Immune Health

Nutritional Strategies For Men’s Health

Nutritional Strategies For Women’s Health

Nutritional Support for the Management of Minor Pain

 Nutritional Support for Soft Tissue



Stressed & Mentally Exhausted:         Exhilarin ®            Mental Strain Formula

Stressed and Tired:    Adreset®    Adrenal Support for Fatigue & Exhaustion

Stressed and Wired:       Serenagen®  Calming & Relaxing 

Stressed and Inflexible:       Tran-Q®   Herbal Formula to promote Inner Peace

Stressed and Hot                    Licorice Plusr  Support for prolonged Adrenal Fatigue

Stressed and Cold                  Thyrosolr        Thyroid Stress Support

Stressed and Depleted           Biosomr         Liquid DHEA for well-being



Neuroprotection Formula   Cerilinr Forte  Multidimensional Brain & Nervous System Support

Forgetfulness                                  Cerivar              Acetylcholine Function

Distracted Mind                                LuminaTM            Dopamine Function

Nervousness                                    TrancorTM         GABA & Glutamine Balance

Occasional Sleeplessness              BenesomTM     Melatonin Function

Negative Mood                                  SymphoraTM    Brain Cortisol Function

Serotonin Connection                      Somnolinr          Serotonin Function

Serotonin Connection                       St John's Wort   Serotonin Uptake



Heavy Metal Metabolism          MetalloclearTM     Support for Heavy Metal Metabolism

Kidney Function                       RenagenTM DTX       Support for Overall Kidney Health

First Line Defense                   ChloroClearTM          Daily Protection Against Toxins

Liver Function                         AdvaClearr    Advanced Support for Bifunctional Detoxification



Respiratory Health Support      Andrographis Plusr     Intensive Immune Support



Health & Wellness            Wellness Essentials For Men    Foundation For Vitality & Stamina

Sexual Function               Tribulus Synergy            Libido & Sexual Function Support

Hormone Boost                 BioSomr                         Liposomal DHEA for Men's Wellbeing

Testosterone Balance     TestralinTM                 Testosterone & Estrogen Balance Formula



 Health & Wellness          Wellness Essentials For Women     Ideal Daily Foundation for Nutrition

Estrogen Balance             EstroFactorsr            Estrogen Balance & Hormone related Symptom Relief

PreMenstrual Symptoms  Fem Premenstrual             Relief of Premenstrual Symptoms

Menstrual Health               Chasteberry Plusr             Support of Menstrual & Reproductive Health

Pre-Menopause                 Fem Estroplexr                  Early Menopause Support

Menopause                        Selestror                            Menopause Symptom Relief

Breast Health                     Meta 1 3 Cr                      Estrogen-sensitive Tissue Support



Joint Health                          Kaprexr                  Selective Kinase response Modulators for Joint Relief

Immune System Balance   Kaprex AI               SKRM"S for balanced immune function

Soft Tissue                         Inflovonoid Intensive Carer       Natrual Relief for Achy Muscles

Minor Pain Foundation      EPA-DHA 6:1 EC       High Potency EPA for Balanced Eicosonoid Production

Joint Range of Motion       Alaparsr                     Nutrients to Support Healthy PARS formation



Cartilage Health                       ChondroCarer             Support for Healthy Joint Function

Connective Tissue Health     Collagenicsr                  Comprehensive Support for Connective Tissue

Joint Health Maintenance       Glucosamine Sulfate 750r    Cost-effective Joint Support

Muscle Tenderness              Fibroplexr Plus           Nutritional Support for Muscle Tenderness

Muscle Tension                    MyoCalmr                 Herbal & Mineral Support for Muscle relaxation

Stressed, Overexerted Muscle  Inflavonoid Intensive Care   Relief for Achy Muscles










gen Balance


Fnnnundation Neuroprotection Formula

Foundation Neuroprotection Formula