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QuickTox 11-Drug Screen

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  1. > Multiple drugs of abuse dip card with built-in adulterant testing. 
  2. > Recommend this card as the best choice for testing your teenager. 
  3. > It covers young peoples most favored drugs especially oxycodone and benzodiazepines.
  4. > It gives rapid results that are ready in 5 minutes.

Amphetamines(speed, Uppers, go), Benzodiazepines (T-Bars, roofies, valium, librium, xanax), ecstasy (MDMA, party drug), Methadone (the newest killer of kids), opiates (heroin, horse, codeine), PCP, Barbituates, cocaine (crack, skitz, snow), Marijuana (THC, weed,smoke, pot, hash); Methamphetamines (ice, crank, crystal, glass); Oxycodone (vicodine, lortabs, percocet).

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